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The Agile C-Suite by HBR

Great article in HBR.ORG May-June 2020, thank you Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elik, Steve Berez from Bain & Company.

To be honest, at the beginning of the article I had the impression the authors are describing kind of a “Control & Command" world when not only illustrating the WHAT but also the HOW. The article then goes on to point out brilliantly some elements of what “agile ways of leading” really mean: i) rapid feedback everywhere ii) from commanding to coaching iii) from meetings to work sessions.

Massive potential can be unleashed by leaders who understand the positive influence of “agile ways of leading” on their roles.

Overall, “becoming agile” helps to increase business performance by placing the customer at the focus of all activities.

Agile methods help to become more agile. But at the end, it is about culture & mindset. Leaders must serve as good example: Leading by example.



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