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«…things are changing.»

Most  things are in a state of change. At high speed, often in real time. Predicting what might happen next is increasingly hard - in terms of content or time scales. With corresponding implications.

On top: change will not go away. After change is before change. This causes massive challenges. For the company and its structure. And for the people -whether managers, leaders or team members.

But change also brings massive opportunities. For all.

be@change> is very happy to accompany and to guide you, to unlock and to explore the potential.

We do this with enthusiasm, expertise, joy, passion, competence, and curiosity.


Change Management

Your change guides.

Change brings massive opportunities.


Your guides.

Self-organized and self-responsible, empowered tribes.

Interim Management

Your supporters.

We fill in when you have shortfalls.

About me

Guiding & supporting companies through cultural change.

Experienced business leader, consultant and tutor with expertise in change management, cultural change and integration projects. Extensive knowledge in General Management, Marketing, Sales, and Key Account Management. B2B & B2C.


Founder of be@change> and my own business after serving multinational and local companies in various positions, industries and countries more than 20 years.



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Bern. Switzerland.

Tel. +41 79 79 278 40

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