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«Change» is my driver and it genuinely fascinates me – my passion and experience can accompany you through the different periods and aspects of change. With only one aim – successful outcomes and results.

Step one is nearly always to analyse and understand the situation – diagnostics is central to developing the change strategy. But strategy without execution is meaningless – so implementation is pivotal.

People are key and play the most important role. Without them, nothing will happen. They bring changes to life, experience the benefits and advantages. Or not.

Smaller changes, actionable on short term help to gather positive experience. This will lead in strength and confidence for future changes. And it will inspire not involved colleagues.

Successful change projects are characterised by how the engagement and involvement of the team developing and owning the key concepts and actions. This must work independent of management level or size of responsibility/role. Change Management also means a commitment to Co- Creation. Change projects are driven and delivered by people.

A top-down approach does not work. Once the outcomes and parameters are agreed all should be able to contribute, but that does not mean it is a democracy! In the end, leadership must lead and own the direction of travel.


This is the art of change projects. It is the balancing of these competing needs that be@change> is expert in.


We are very happy to accompany you on your journey with curiosity and expertise.

We can also do this in German and French, if required.

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