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Celebrating One Year of a True Partnership.

Aktualisiert: 13. März 2020


Extremely proud to work with trustful and competent partner Dr. Kraus & Partner, Georg Kraus, and wonderful co-trainers Ansgar Wimmer, Bastian Billerbeck, Christoph Bauer, Dani Pfarr, Katja von Bergen, and Sabine Boehringer. It has been an intense but extremely fruitful journey. Thank you! Looking forward to further continuing, improving, growing together.

So far, we trained more than 500 agile coaches in more than 30 courses (5 modules, 17 days in total, peer group learning, certification; inhouse and open) in Switzerland, Germany and China, with attendees from more than 10 countries.

The next trainings to start in

  • Berlin (end of March)

  • Stuttgart (end of April)

  • Zurich (end of August),

all in German.


The role of an agile coach is extremely challenging. He may find himself in various, very demanding roles:

  • Consultant

  • Coach

  • Trainer

  • Change Manager

  • Animator

  • Guide

  • Sparring Partner

  • Interface

  • Connector

  • Translator

  • Motivator

The list is not exhaustive, for sure.

The one and only reason why an organization wants to become more agile is to increase business performance. So, with all the roles just listed, there may also come some pressure for agile coaches to deliver.

Our training is separated in 5 modules:

1. Agile kick-start & dimensions

2. Agile Project Management

3. Change management: culture, organisation and people in an agile context

4. Agile roles & leadership principles

5. The journey: reflecting personality & coaching tools

Peer group projects and the practical implementation of the methods in a participant’s project do enable the transfer between the modules.


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