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How we perceive ourselves and our efforts.


Exploring why there is a gap between how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. And how we see our efforts and achievements, and how others do.

Massively interesting and huge field. And, of course, depending of the type of case, situation, environment, and others.

Accenture showed in a report that “two thirds of leaders (68%) feel they create empowering environments where people have a sense of belonging, yet just one third (36%) of employees agree.”

Could we say that leaders have a more positive assessment standard with their achievements?

Unilevers’ Dove brand was exploring the gap and created “real beauty sketches”. Each woman has been drawn by a forensic artist. One drawing on her own description, the other one on a stranger’s observation. The result: “You are more beautiful than you think”.

Could we say that human beings (in this case women) have more critical assessment standard with their look?

Combining both surveys: Do female leaders have a more critical assessment standard?

We have to differentiate of course. Just a very superficial statement. To explore further.


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